18 Cheers to Spring at Civility & Unrest

The team at Civility & Unrest has been very busy creating, testing and perfecting 18 new cocktails to reflect the change of seasons and showcase some new techniques. The new drinks are a clever use of fresh and rare ingredients.

Joe Dietrich, bar manager at Civility & Unrest, says the majority of his inspiration comes from our guests.  “My team and I have established ourselves as a cocktail bar capable of providing personally curated cocktails, and the requests we get always keep us on our toes,” he explains. “Sometimes, these custom cocktails are too good to keep to ourselves!” As the manager of the space, Joe has spent weeks perfecting these drinks with his team. “I am pretty attached to all of these cocktails,” he admits.

Some of Joe’s favorites:
The Firestarter: smoky, citrusy and spicy. “I could drink this all summer!”
Walk in the Garden – an herbal gin cocktail involving liquid nitrogen and house made tinctures.
Interstellar Ice Cream – flash frozen ice cream foam, and when consumed, a cloud of steam escapes. “Oh yeah, and its alcoholic!”

“This bar has been a dream come true for me, as it allows me to combine all of my passions for the service industry, and express them artistically and in an innovative new way,” he says.  Come in and try one of these great new cocktails from Joe and the team!