Building a restaurant or bar has always been intensely personal to me. It’s never an afterthought or an accident, but something that receives thought and reflection. Striving to get to that purposeful connection where the authenticity is felt by every guest that walks in the door.

I’ve been asked several times where I got the inspiration for Civility & Unrest. The follow-up to that is a question on the meaning of the name. The answers are intertwined. The motivation came from the cocktail culture and underground speakeasies of a bygone era. When creating the lounge, I wanted something that not only took cocktails seriously, but also defined a culture steeped in discovery. Whereas an evening can start with a level of civility, and continue as the night goes on, intrigue is piqued and inhibitions are relaxed. It’s a place for opportunity – for unrest – an openness to experience what the night unfolds.

Intended to be a respite for adults of all ages, and to really be what you want it to be, whether a place to meet friends, make new ones, or have a business meeting in a comfortable setting while sipping craft cocktails, vintage liquors, Champagne or sparkling wines.

It will also be a place for entertainment, either to book your own events or to join ours, with fashion shows, tattoo artists, unplugged sessions, DJ sets, and trunk shows, all showcasing our region’s incomparable talent.


We’re opening soon, June 15, and I hope that you will find the inspiration of Civility & Unrest as authentic as the discovery for serious cocktails and unbridled fun.


Veiled by a hand painted mural, tucked under The Lakehouse. Pull up a chair, or slink to the back, open to discovery and let the experience unfold.

– Jason


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